Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dead And Gone

The superstars continue to parade through the Styl'd set and this time as the junior assistants are given the task of styling Alex Meraz of Twilight fame, as well as up-and-coming songstress Keri Hilson (who I discovered earlier this year on The Hills). Meraz is gets styled appropriately enough in a cemetary for an LA Confidential Magazine photo shoot, while Hilson is done up for a concert after-party. Just like last week, there is a lot of drama but without spoiling it too much for everyone I will mention that one of the junior assistants actually walks off the job in this episode and that a regrettable one-night stand also rears its ugly head.

Styl'd has done a great job all season long of implementing great, hip music that fits the aesthetic of the show, and in this episode, they chose to go with two songs from TV/TV that they have already used this season with "Small Time" (aired in last week's episode) and "Fire Island" (aired in episode 3). These dancey, synth-heavy grooves are great introductions to one of the best young bands out there right now, so be listenning for them while you watch "Dead And Gone" below, and have a safe and happy New Year's.

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