Monday, July 27, 2009

16 & Pregnant

I had no idea it was this bad, but evidently 30% of American teen girls will become pregnant. I found out about this scary fact while channel surfing the other night, and landing on MTV's 16 and Pregnant. The particular episode I stumbled upon was the reunion episode, where all the different stories came back and discussed their stories with Dr. Drew. It was nice because you got a rundown of what each of their episodes would have been, and I feel as though I got out of 1 hour what I could've spent a whole season watching.

While the stories varied from inspiring (Catelynn and Tyler's adoption story) to scary (the horrible way Ryan shirks all his responsibility onto Maci, the loss of youth all these kids have to face), I thought it was worth a watch, and definitely something they should show to kids in Health classes instead of the ridiculous propaganda videos from the 80s that I got. So, if you've got some extra time, I would recommend checking this episode otu.

Finally, this show was on MTV, you know MUSIC Television. I know it hasn't really been about the music for a long time now, but at least this closing episode did have some great tunes - namely three of my favorite songs from Tokyo Police Club. The songs, "Graves," "Juno," and "Nursery Academy" were all on last year's excellent Elephant Shell LP, and they are perfect showcases of what Tokyo Police Club does so well - urgent, hook-filled (without being annoyingly catchy), 2-minute songs that get straight to the point and do it in style. Check below for some cool clips I've found for you.

Tokyo Police Club on MySpace

Friday, July 17, 2009

iPhone, Meet Your Competition

So I have been dying to get a new phone. If you could see mine it looks like something from the stone ages - it's this goofy flip phone that makes me wish I still had the old black-and-white Nokia that everyone had in middle school. So I've been researching new phones, and I finally came across the Satio by Sony Ericsson, which should be released within the next few months.

Not only was I super excited about the phone, but as I watched the info video (shown below), I fell in LOVE with the song that was playing. After some creative Googling, I found out that they are a hip hop duo called Rootbeer, and this song is called "Under Control." I often find hip-hop to be unnecessarily abrasive, but I can't stop smiling when listen to this song. From the swelling organ, to to the silky smooth vocals, this song really just put me in a better mood, and it is a song that could easily fit in on a playlist next to MGMT. Their take on hip-hop is definitely much more akin to that of Malbec than, say Lil' Wayne. In fact, I enjoyed the music so much I visited their MySpace page and found out that they will be playing a show on the 21st at Chop Suey, so now you know where I'll be next Tuesday. Click on the image below to watch the Sony Satio info video.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gettin' Down to The White Stripes

Wow, I haven't listenned to this song in ages, but "Seven Nation Army" by the snarly/darling duo known as The White Stripes was on So You Think You Can Dance?" last night. Beyond being one of the most classic guitar riffs of the decade, this song was also one of the first "indie" (I feel silly using that term LOL) songs I ever got into, plus, it has some awesome choreography. Check it out below.