Friday, July 17, 2009

iPhone, Meet Your Competition

So I have been dying to get a new phone. If you could see mine it looks like something from the stone ages - it's this goofy flip phone that makes me wish I still had the old black-and-white Nokia that everyone had in middle school. So I've been researching new phones, and I finally came across the Satio by Sony Ericsson, which should be released within the next few months.

Not only was I super excited about the phone, but as I watched the info video (shown below), I fell in LOVE with the song that was playing. After some creative Googling, I found out that they are a hip hop duo called Rootbeer, and this song is called "Under Control." I often find hip-hop to be unnecessarily abrasive, but I can't stop smiling when listen to this song. From the swelling organ, to to the silky smooth vocals, this song really just put me in a better mood, and it is a song that could easily fit in on a playlist next to MGMT. Their take on hip-hop is definitely much more akin to that of Malbec than, say Lil' Wayne. In fact, I enjoyed the music so much I visited their MySpace page and found out that they will be playing a show on the 21st at Chop Suey, so now you know where I'll be next Tuesday. Click on the image below to watch the Sony Satio info video.

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