Friday, May 29, 2009

Daphne Loves...Dancing?

Two recent addictions of mine converged on my TV screen last night as So You Think You Can Dance featured the song "Pollen and Salt" by Daphne Loves Derby. I've been a huge fan of Daphne Loves Derby ever since 2005's, On the Strength of All Convinced, which features "Pollen and Salt," and recently I've been on a binge-listening to them along with Deathcab - two bands that have always had a great pop sound to them, without sounding recycled or dull. It also doesn't hurt that they're from Washington, like me, and that the drummer in Daphne is really hot, but that's taking me a little too far off subject....

Anyway, check out the video from So You Think You Can Dance below.  Unfortunately the dancer, Nathan Trasoras, is only 17, so he can't compete in this year's competition and has to wait until Season 6. However, by the time his turn comes, I'm confident that he will be able to thrive, and I would be shocked if he wasn't one of the left dancers left next year. Beyond his great musical taste, he seems to be born with the most natural ability to pirouette that I have seen in quite some time. 

Listen to Pollen and Salt in full on


  1. I really liked that his brother encouraged him to continue dancing, didn't you?

  2. While I do like that his brother encouraged him to continue dancing, it also makes me kind of angry that he had to be convinced in the first place...every time I think we are advancing as a society past the stupid insecure playground bullying tactics, you end up seeing examples. How could anybody possibly belittle Nathan for having a remarkable talent? That makes me sad. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Hi, Darci. I watched Nathan's clip (thanks for the link you left on my blog) and I still do not see the feminine thing the judges commented on.

    I read the comment you left to Lover of Life above and I agree. However, having taught middle-school and high-school aged kids, I don't think we're ever going to see advancement in our society from that age group. The teen years are a very insecure and searching time of life and anybody differen is going to be singled out, whether the difference is because of perceived weirdness or unlikeability or because of some great talent.

    Well, and let's face it: Some people are just mean.

    Very frustrating, isn't it? I am glad to have the chance to teach my own teenagers differently.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

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  5. I play in Daphne Loves Derby and was looking for a copy of this video, but cant find it anywhere. Do you have it stored locally?