Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So before I get ahead of myself, I have to let you all know that I'm changing some things up here. Because of a combination of my way too crazy school schedule this term and the inconsistency of awesome music in pop culture, I've decided to get rid of the "Pop Culture Song of the Week" column, and just post about songs whenever I hear something awesome on TV, in a movie, or other places. Hopefully this will motivate me to actually write more often. Now that this little item of news is out of the way, I give you the "Pop Culture Song of the Moment" - "Houses" by Great Northern as heard in last night's episode of 90210, "Zero Tolerance."

With prom season being in the air, it was only fitting that last night's episode of 90210 would be prom-themed. In a tip of the cap to the original series, the episode was titled "Zero Tolerance" (if you haven't seen the original's classic prom episode, you gotta do that now!).  Anyway, I won't get too much into the details of the episode, other than that I love how they used Silver (again). She's such an awesome character, and her ranting Prom Queen acceptance (an award she turns down), where she talks about how she hates conformity and everything else that prom stands for, was awesome. 

As everyone arrives at the prom and all the photographers swarm for pictures on the red carpet, the forceful and confident song "Houses" by Great Northern plays. The driving drum beat and bass line really give this song a strong sense of urgency, which fits the controlled chaos of the scene well. I've blogged about this band before, and I've been listening to Remind Me Where the Light Is constantly since it was released two weeks ago. Check out the scene below (song starts about 15 seconds in).


  1. Nice! I love Great Northern!

  2. Great Northern is my favorite band on the indie scene right now. Remind Me Where The Light Is, is just as good as Trading Twilight for Daylight if not even better. I just saw their show with The Dears and it was the best show I saw this year.

  3. I missed the last show of GN because I had a baby on the night.
    But I even thought about sneaking out of the hospital and going to their
    show. I'm a bad father of my daughter but a great fan of GN.

  4. thanks for posting this, the song did fit really well with the scene. And you're right, Remind Me Where the Light Is is really good, i've also been listening to it for a few weeks now.

  5. Dude the show was awesome. Sorry to rub it in, but I have to be honest with you. Defintely catch them the next time they are in your area, you won't be disappointed by Great Northern.