Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen

MTV's My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen has been airing quite a bit lately, and I finally got around to watching it last night. Based on the annoying/hit TV series, My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen is a surprisingly awesome slasher, with all the elements that make a slasher movie good - gore, tongue-in-cheek humor, some underlying social commentary. The premise? A rich and spoiled girl, Madison, gets her parents to arrange a huge birthday bash at a closed roller rink. The rink was the site of a bloody massacre ten years earlier, but this isn't stopping Madison from throwing her party...and of course the fun and guts ensues. Really, I have to ask - who wouldn't want to see a My Super Sweet Sixteen girl get cut up?

For what basically is a made for TV movie (it had a one week limited theater run) it really is quite high on production values, and I was also pleasantly surprised to see how much gore made it. Evidently the DVD will have a few scenes added that they just couldn't show on TV, but I still thought it was way above average for this type of audience, which is always a good thing when it comes to slashers.

Of course, it wouldn't be making an appearance on this blog if it didn't also have some great music, and that comes in the form of previous favorites the Electric Owls, who contributed the song "Put the Candle Back" to the movie. For those of you who have seen the movie, the song plays when Madison, Olivia and Chloe get ready for the big party. I hope to have a video clip of the scene ASAP, but this might just have to wait until the DVD release. For now, I would reccomend watching the film if you haven't already, and heading on over to the Electric Owls MySpace page to listen to give "Put the Candle Back" a spin.

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