Saturday, September 26, 2009

Earlimart on Dollhouse

Earlimart's "The World" was on the season 2 premiere of Dollhouse last night, and anybody who has spent any time at all reading this blog knows that I get super excited for all things Earlimart. The veteran duo of Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray have enjoyed a stellar career, releasing album after album of consistent, yet original material. "The World" is the perfect song to fit into the dark, mysterious world of Dollhouse. Brooding and emotive without being sad-sack, "The World" is the type of song that gets the hair to stand up on your arms, and the lyrics fit the eeriness of the scene.

Like Melrose Place, Kyle XY, and many other of my favorite shows, Dollhouse is struggling with ratings. However, if they keep on producing great episodes like last night and including great tunes like "The World," I believe people will eventually start to 'get' the show and tune in.


  1. Well, Darci, after you commented on my post re. DDD, I came over to see what your blog is all about and now you've introduced me to TWO new groups that I had never heard of. I had no idea who sang the song on DDD, I just knew I liked it and now I've watched this video, and heard another wonderful performance by another group I've never heard of! Thanks for expanding my musical horizons today! :)


  2. Hey Sandra, glad I could be of help to's for people like you that I made this blog. I always wonder what songs are in shows, so whenever I watch a show and hear a song I like, I post it so I can answer the same question for others that I so often have!

    Since you liked this song, I would recommend you get the album Mentor Tormentator by Earlimart - it has "The World" on it, and is one of their best.

    As for Malbec, you can download some of their music free on their website at :

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Joss and company know how to pick their music. Hopefully that translates to good writing for the show in the future.

  4. Very cool! The song was the perfect end to an episode with some really deep stuff in the Whiskey/Saunders plotline. I'm glad to know what it was. :)