Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Just watched the the premiere of Fling last night on Showtime (also known as Lie to Me overseas), and I have to wonder out loud why this wasn't a major box-office release? I mean, for starters, it stars Superman heart-throb Brandon Routh. I also think the subject matter is extremely relevant to today's society (the movie follows the complexities of an open relationship, something I feel a lot more couples are trying these days), and it has GREAT (not good) music. How is this movie relegated to a television release while formulaic regurgitations like Ugly Truth are filling up the theaters?

The trailer above gives a great synopsis of where the movie goes, and I don't want to spoil too many details for you, but as you see, the hand-held camera, almost documentary-style cinematography really makes the movie play out like a behind-the-scenes search into an unspoken taboo. A+ for originality, acting, and style, and don't be fooled by the subject matter - this isn't a risque sexploitation film ala Wild Things.

As for the aformentioned great tunes, where do I start? The movie is scored by Nick Urata, the frontman for the insanely original band Devotchka. While that alone is worth the price of admission, the all-star cast of awesome indie tracks makes this my favorite soundtrack since Garden State. From the first pulsing beat of Maxxfemm's "Weak Condition," to the final, spacey dream of Asobi Seksu's "Goodbye," the movie takes you on a musical journey that has left this particular blogger hungry for more. While I literally like every song on this soundtrack, a few of the other more notable standouts were "That Time" by Layton, "Hope's All There Is" by Maxxfemm, "Thursday" by Asobi Seksu, "Kansas City" by Okkervil River, "Flyentology (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix)" by El-P, and "Rock n' Roll Fantasy" by Pink Mountaintops.

In short, see miss this movie. Pick up the soundtrack. Swoon.

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