Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pop Culture Song of the Week

I had a hard time deciding on the last "Pop Culture Song of the Week," because I don't really watch the show that it was on (Life), and had to be alerted about it by some of my friends that know how much I love Earlimart. After catching up on some programs I recorded last week, I discovered that there was another favorite song of mine used in last week's Making the Band episode. The song I'm talking about is "Consider It Done," by a band called Malbec, who are the beautiful group of people in matching blue outfits in the picture above.

They really used the song in an appropriate, emotional scene from the episode, and the dreamy guitars and keyboards work together to make a really soothing background. You can check out the episode here (The song starts at about 30 mins, 15 seconds in, but I recommend watching this whole show if you've never seen it before!). If you want to hear the whole song, I found a streaming version of it that you can play below. Ooh just some last-second advice, don't go to the website that's listed in this video, because it's just somebody trying to sell some money-making scheme :-(

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  1. malbec is so awesome! glad that they're getting some real recognition